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Amaryllis by Allen Tucker

January 2020 - Amaryllis

January 2020 - Allen Tucker

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January 2020 - Allen Tucker

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A friend gave us an amaryllis bulb dipped in red wax with instructions not to plant or water it - just watch. Placed on a bench near an east facing window it quickly sprouted three green shoots that produced deep red blossoms. The morning the first bud opened it was dramatically lit by lit by the low sun and I took several shots. The simplicity of the close up appealed to me, the textures and strong shapes invited a monochrome treatment in addition to the Christmasy color version. Converted in Lightroom, starting with Adobe's green filter B&W profile which gave good contrast with the emerging red blossom, followed with brushing in some local tonal and texture adjustments. Suggestions?

Canon 80D, Tamron 16-300 mm lens at 100 mm, 1/160 s, f/6.3, ISO 500.

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Tom Pickering   Tom Pickering
(Groups 53 & 86 & 95)
I love this! Such a great subject for a mono study.

The only thing I see this needs is a bit more depth, since the conversion flattened the image slightly. This can be accomplished with some targeted dodging and burning.   Posted: 01/04/2020 16:54:29
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Allen Tucker   Allen Tucker
With your guidance I have added some shading adjustments to the master file - a clear improvement.   Posted: 01/07/2020 14:28:58

Henry Heerschap   Henry Heerschap
This is a great subject for monochrome. The conversion really brings out the tones, textures, and shapes of the buds. I especially like the interplay between the reds and greens. Tom's version addresses several of my concerns, including the white-ish area in the upper right corner.
I do wish the original photo had greater depth of field. I'm distracted by the out of focus buds, especially the one on the right.   Posted: 01/08/2020 12:16:20

Allen Tucker   Allen Tucker
Thank you for the careful analysis.   Posted: 01/08/2020 17:35:14

Jim Hagan   Jim Hagan
I like the image and much prefer the mono version. In my version I first tilted the image counter clockwise, included more of the stems, sharpened the two smaller stems separately which I think helped reduced the softness of the far right stem, and finally burned in the stems to reduce their brightness.   Posted: 01/08/2020 19:01:16
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Lisa Hlavinka
I really like the lines and simplicity of this shot and agree with the feedback you have received. I personally like the lighter version since it provides more contrast with the background, but do wish the right stem was sharper.   Posted: 01/18/2020 17:43:20

Jim Bodkin   Jim Bodkin
Great composition ideal for monochrome. Of the different interpretations, I like Jim's the best with the sharper, darker stems and changed orientation. To me, this provides greater detail and more dramatic presentation of an outstanding composition.

  Posted: 01/26/2020 23:48:38

Victor Wasilov   Victor Wasilov
Great image for monochrome. I like the softness of the stems it forces my eye to the buds. Your second version incorporating Tom's recommendations is much better being more dramatic with the increase in contrast and subject stands out against the totally black background. Very nice.   Posted: 01/27/2020 08:46:54