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Allen Tucker

Allen Tucker

I had been a casual photographer since high school, but was motivated to get more serious by a post-retirement trip to Africa in 2001 . The 70-300 mm image-stabilized lens by Canon drew me into their equipment. And fear of the dark possibilities as I waited for 30 rolls of film to be developed upon return motivated an early acceptance of digital. The immediate confirmation of good exposure after the first shot with a 10D sent my film camera bodies to gather dust on a shelf until their donation to a camera store near a university in hopes they could help a fine art student taking a B&W photography course. Currently I am using Adobe Lightroom for most image processing and make my own medium prints with an Epson 2880 13-inch inkjet.

In April 2012 I started a camera club in our 1000-home development in the Sierra foothills of California. PSA Fellow Byron Hindman, a neighbor, introduced me to this organization. I joined hoping not just to improve my photography but also to lean from your work with camera clubs around the world. The technical quality of affordable modern cameras and software is amazingly good, but learning and teaching the techniques for using these tools well are challenging tasks.

Lisa Hlavinka

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Tom Pickering

Tom Pickering

I’m a 60-something, born-again, computer geek, photographer, musician and one-time sword fight choreographer. I live & work (though now semi-retired) at web development and photography with my wife Carolyn and kitty, Casmir (though the work ethic of the kitty is questionable at best) in Davenport, Iowa. The children are grown and raising families of their own, which of course means grandkids for us to love and spoil.

I’ve been capturing images, still & movie/video, for over 50 years now. I entered a dark room for the first time at age 13 and have been fascinated with the art of photography ever since. My first cameras were Kodak’s - a Brownie and an 8mm movie camera. At the dawn of the digital photography age, I switched to digital and never looked back at film. I transitioned into professional photography in 2006, specializing in portraits, commercial and weddings, though I’ve since stopped shooting weddings to reduce stress.

Today, I am strictly a Nikon shooter, though I have been known to snap pics with my Android phone in a pinch. For lenses, I use a Sigma 18-200mm, Tamron 60mm Macro, Tokina 100-400mm, Tamron 200-500mm, Nikkor 50mm 1.8. I like to photograph people, places & things - I guess that means everything - with a special interest in vehicles, Macro, architecture, candid portraits & the odd. Most recently I have been leveraging my Photoshop skills in creating digital art compositions.

I use Adobe Bridge for the organization of my images, jumping into Photoshop CC, On1 Photo Raw 2019, Exposure X4, Topaz Studio, Luminar 3, Affinity Photo, and others from there. Though I aim for everything right in the camera, I shoot RAW (& JPEG), so will always apply post-processing to some extent to all my images, especially my more artistic endeavors.

Formerly a vice president of the Quad Cities Photography Club, I have also served as a competition judge and projectionist there, as well as teaching various Photoshop skills. I have also been judging for PSA clubs & councils. I am the developer and webmaster of the PSA PID Digital Dialogue Study Group website, as well as one of the admins and a participant in several of the groups.

You can see some of my photo artistry at 500px, Flickr and PhotoPicks Photography & Art

Sharron Leppien, QPSA

Sharron Leppien, QPSA

I live in the very beautiful Hunter Valley about 2 hrs from Sydney, Australia.

I am finally getting enough time to pursue my love of Photography. I started in earnest with, at the time, a brand new Zenit SLR in about 1986. I ended up wearing it out. I rubbed the black paint off the heavy brass body and I used and used it until the the last loud clunk of the shutter fell silent. Years flew by being busy with raising a family, moving from one side of Australia to the other and back again following my husband with his work, buying a farm and life in general. I didn't buy another camera till a couple of years ago. I then mucked around for a while, that was, until I joined my local Camera Club. Boy, did that change my will and want very quickly. I was elected to the committee fairly fast as the webmaster and now my life seems to revolve around Camera Club.

With time on my hands these days I am lucky enough to have met some like minded friends and we have been travelling overseas. Pure photography trips, definitely no spas or rest time, wear the same clothes for days on end. Stay off the beaten track and just go go go and try to get that shot.

I am a one eyed Nikon and Mac user. My main camera is a D810.

I use Lightroom and am trying to get my head around Photoshop. It’s the old SLR shooter in me that tries to get everything right in camera. I have been known to cry real tears in trying to understand Photoshop. Sad, but true and still very relevant today.

I am 54 and have been married to my husband Joel for 32 years.

Jim Hagan

Jim Hagan

I grew up in Chicago and went to school there. After high school, I lived at home and commuted to Northwestern University where I received an MBA in1963. I worked for several years in public accounting and five years with International Harvester. I moved to Ohio in 1969 for a Controllership position. The rest of my business career was mainly in accounting and finance.

When I lived in Chicago I was a PSA member for a few years but dropped my membership in 1969 when I moved to Ohio. After retirement, in 1999, I and my wife moved to Toledo to be near our daughter and her young family. Then in early 2017 I entered several photos in the Detroit International PSA Contest. I had several acceptances and, after almost a 50-year hiatus, I rejoined the PSA.

I especially enjoy the study groups and the fact that we can share our opinions about the art form that we all enjoy.

Jim Bodkin

Jim Bodkin

I am a 77 year old resident of the Chicago area for the past 31 years with a passion for nature photography. Prior to that we lived in Florida for 8 years after growing-up in Virginia, as various Engineering and Management jobs influenced our location.

I have been a long-time casual photographer, chronicling the kids growing years and travels with 35mm color film. With the advent of good digital cameras, in 1998 I decided to get more involved with digital photography since my background in electronics and computers complimented the new skills required. Wife Diane and I have traveled to all 50 states and 43 foreign countries and we wanted to have a hobby that could easily capture our travels and our love of nature. This has blossomed into our involvement in 2 local photo clubs, the Chicago Regional group CACCA, joining PSA, and me chairing up the PSA Chicago Chapter and the Nature Division of PSA.

We typically shoot all types of nature subjects from macro to landscapes, with our favorite being birds. We still document our travels and family events, especially of the 3 grandchildren. Additionally, we also compete in local, regional, national and international competitions.

We both shoot Canon equipment. The Canon 7D Mk II bodies are our latest with an assortment of lens. My favorite lenses are Canon 100-400mm and Canon 500mm ’/4 with a 2X teleconverter. Whereas I used to be able to pass equipment down to Diane when I got a newer model, I am now purchasing 2 of everything as her skills have increased.

I work exclusively on Mac computers, with archiving and 100% of the improvements performed in Lightroom and an additional 10-20% in Photoshop, Aurora, or other specialized software and plug-ins. I produce my own prints, up to 17" wide, on an Epson 3880 printer.

I am constantly looking for improvement in my work and B&W is an area where I want to improve.

Bill Provost

Bill Provost

I am retired after working twenty two years in various local governments. I love the outdoors and wilderness and hike into some remote areas and rivers. I live in south east Washington state so have access to many fine areas here and surrounding states for photography and wilderness treks.

I began taking photographs as a young person with my Brownie box camera. After going through several 120 film cameras I started using SLR cameras shooting black and white, color prints and slides. I have used Nikon brand 35mm SLR cameras and various other brands of point and shoot.

My first digital camera was a Nikon D100. I had it converted to an infrared camera which I find a fascinating method of imagery. My latest camera is Nikon D800 for my primary camera. I have various Nikkor lenses although my latest lenses are a Sigma 150-500mm and a Tamron SP 150-600mm . I have an array of filters but mostly us circular polarizers.

For software I am using Photoshop CS5, Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 8 all with onOne Plug-ins Suite 5. I have Lightroom 3.4 for processing.

My current interest are landscape, outdoor, macro and wildlife photography. I am also working in digital HDR and infrared.

I have been a member in PSA off and on for a number of years.