Sharron Leppien, QPSA

Sharron Leppien, QPSA

I live in the very beautiful Hunter Valley about 2 hrs from Sydney, Australia.

I am finally getting enough time to pursue my love of Photography. I started in earnest with, at the time, a brand new Zenit SLR in about 1986. I ended up wearing it out. I rubbed the black paint off the heavy brass body and I used and used it until the the last loud clunk of the shutter fell silent. Years flew by being busy with raising a family, moving from one side of Australia to the other and back again following my husband with his work, buying a farm and life in general. I didn't buy another camera till a couple of years ago. I then mucked around for a while, that was, until I joined my local Camera Club. Boy, did that change my will and want very quickly. I was elected to the committee fairly fast as the webmaster and now my life seems to revolve around Camera Club.

With time on my hands these days I am lucky enough to have met some like minded friends and we have been travelling overseas. Pure photography trips, definitely no spas or rest time, wear the same clothes for days on end. Stay off the beaten track and just go go go and try to get that shot.

I am a one eyed Nikon and Mac user. My main camera is a D810.

I use Lightroom and am trying to get my head around Photoshop. It’s the old SLR shooter in me that tries to get everything right in camera. I have been known to cry real tears in trying to understand Photoshop. Sad, but true and still very relevant today.

I am 54 and have been married to my husband Joel for 32 years.