Mark Aksoy  

Morning Daffodil by Mark Aksoy

November 2020 - Morning Daffodil

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How I Did It -

Back in April, 2019, I attended a morning camera club photoshoot at Chanticleer Gardens. Raindrops were still clinging to the spring bloom of daffodils.

This image was taken with my Nikon D750 plus Tamron 70-300mm lens. I was shooting handheld with a maximum depth of field, so I used a super high (perhaps too high?) ISO to allow for a fast shutter speed. My settings were: 300mm, 1/2500 sec, f/45 and ISO12800. In LR, I increased vibrance, clarity, and contrast. In ACR, I reduced noise, and in PS, I cropped in to eliminate unnecessary detail and added a border.

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Rich Krebs   Rich Krebs
Perfect timing to get all the water droplets. I guess it was very dark if you had to up the ISO so much. Assume it was taken at f4.5 vs f45? I like the image.   Posted: 11/12/2020 11:56:37

Donna Sturla   Donna Sturla
I think it's very pretty and I love the water drops ! I think I would like it to be a bit brighter, can you bring it up in PS or LR ?   Posted: 11/12/2020 20:37:10

Diana Duffey   Diana Duffey
Love the water droplets and I like the slight blurred background. Nice job capturing this image- handheld, Mark.   Posted: 11/13/2020 18:45:31

Lori Azevedo
Had to do handheld and try to capture the flower and the droplets in focus. I'm no expert. Maybe others will know how to do both.   Posted: 11/13/2020 23:56:42

Doug Wolters
Nice shot. Did you try to eye dropper to get the white balance? The yellow HSL Luminence to brighten the yellow?   Posted: 11/23/2020 12:18:42