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Small Wonder by Doug Wolters

November 2020 - Small Wonder

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Small Wonder

Shot with Canon 5D Mark III with 100 f/2.8L Macro lens, 0.6 sec at f / 6.3, ISO 200. It's a quite small flower. I used 3 extension tubes + (I think) the Canon 500D. I know there is really no real light variation. Do you miss it?

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Rich Krebs   Rich Krebs
I like the colors of the flower. Good job getting this flower so we can all see the details.   Posted: 11/12/2020 11:59:12

Donna Sturla   Donna Sturla
I think what I DO like is the center, the y stamens or whatever they are. And the lines that define where the petals are coming from, radiating outward.
What I am not liking is the black background. I really want to know what was behind that flower. Did it have a stem? Were there other flowers or leaves around? Just something, not black. I do miss the variation of light.   Posted: 11/12/2020 20:48:52

Lori Azevedo
I'm going to agree with Donna here. Love the flower but I think the black background is too stark for the beauty of the flower.   Posted: 11/13/2020 23:58:29

Diana Duffey   Diana Duffey
Great image. I love the color and the detail of this flower. I think a different background would work better. I am impressed-three extension tubes and the Canon 500D. I am going to have to try using them on my flowers. Beautiful flower!   Posted: 11/14/2020 18:43:58


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