David Yeo, EPSA  

Future Together by David Yeo, EPSA

June 2020 - Future Together

About the Image(s)

Data information - ISO 400, f4, 0.5 sec

The shot was taken in Singapore - Garden By The Bay

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Lori Azevedo
What fun and how difficult to shoot night with bright lights. The only distraction for me is the ferris wheel on the left. My eyes keep pulling to it.   Posted: 06/12/2020 15:46:20

Rich Krebs   Rich Krebs
Interesting image. The trees are in focus along with most of the shapes. You took it at the right height to get most of the cones in the image.   Posted: 06/20/2020 10:29:34

Donna Sturla   Donna Sturla
I imagine this was gorgeous when you saw it in person. The floating things on the water are lovely. What I would like to see changed in this image is -- you can't tell where the picture ends because it blends into the black. I wonder if you could put a teensy-weensy border around it, just enough to tell us where the edge of the image is? Also, I agree with Lori, I think the Ferris Wheel and also the three lights at the back are distracting, can you darken them in Photoshop or Lightroom? That would help. I'd also love to see the image from a different vantage point, there's so much there to see!   Posted: 06/20/2020 16:00:04

Mark Aksoy   Mark Aksoy
An unusual nighttime image with spectacular colors! I agree that the image could use a border (maybe yellow colored), and that the white lights and ferris wheel should be toned down.   Posted: 06/27/2020 13:28:09