Lori Azevedo  

Black Necked Stilts by Lori Azevedo

June 2020 - Black Necked Stilts

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Prior to complete Covid lockdown I ventured to the Merced Wildlife Refuge S/E of San Francisco. Most of the birds had left for the season but found these 2 Black Necked Stilts and watched and waited. Photo was taken with my brand new Nikon D850 tripod mounted. Exposure set at 1/200 sec with ISO of 64, f/6.3 with lens fully extended at 400mm. This was my first experience really using Photoshop and had to remove the shadow of another bird sitting on the grass above the Stilts.

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Donna Sturla   Donna Sturla
I think it's really lovely. It looks "soft" to me, maybe that was intentional on your part, but that gives it a dreamy effect. If you wanted it sharp, I would have used a higher shutter speed. But I like it a lot !! Brand new camera, how nice for you!   Posted: 06/10/2020 16:45:37

Stuart Caine   Stuart Caine
(Group 42)
Hi Lori, It's a nice image. In my opinion, I feel you have to much empty space. I cropped the image, put it through Topaz Studio 2,then processed it through Topaz Adjust AI. This what I got.   Posted: 06/12/2020 14:23:27
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Lori Azevedo
Thank you. I have attached the original image. I need to find the time to learn all these wonderful programs to improve my skills.   Posted: 06/12/2020 15:41:08
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Rich Krebs   Rich Krebs
Nice image. I think you need more contrast to bring out the birds and their reflections.   Posted: 06/20/2020 10:32:28

Donna Sturla   Donna Sturla
I looked at your comments here. Lori, when you crop in that much, you get digital noise. I imagine you know that !
So I bought Topaz Denoise AI. It is fantastic and takes out so much of that noise. Although this particular image, I think, doesn't have that much noise. Also you could try sharpening it in Photoshop. Go to Filters, then Sharpen, then Unsharp Mask. Play around with the sliders and see if you can sharpen the image.
But, honestly, I liked it the way you presented it here.
  Posted: 06/20/2020 16:04:34

Mark Aksoy   Mark Aksoy
Lori, you had the patience to wait for that magic moment when the stilts were perfectly positioned in the scene! Their opposing profiles and reflections add greatly to the image. I agree with Stuart that the image should be further cropped on sides and bottom. Increasing the contrast will also help by making the birds stand out more from the background. Overall, though, well-done!   Posted: 06/27/2020 13:08:19