Priscilla Farrell  

Steel Sculpture by Priscilla Farrell

November 2020 - Steel Sculpture

About the Image(s)

This sculpture is located on the grounds of a theater complex. It is on the top of a mound which consists of wild flowers and grasses. I liked it's abstract appearance with an interesting sky behind it. Unfortunately, I only had my cell phone with me. So, what you see was taken with a Pixel 3 cell phone.
Post processing included PSE and Nik's detail extractor. The camera picked it's settings which were:1/6400 sec., f1.8 and ISO 60.

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Debbie Perez   Debbie Perez
I looked at his and immediately thought of a heron on the hunt! For the grasses and foliage just added to image my mind was creating. Well done and it goes to show that the best camera is the one you have with you!! Really like this!!   Posted: 11/16/2020 11:40:57

David Garrison
My eye wants one kind of grass across the bottom and not the tree which distracts me. good abstract.   Posted: 11/16/2020 12:10:18

Allen Calopisis
I like this composition overall. Would agree with Dave about the tree.   Posted: 11/16/2020 19:11:37

Shaikh Amin   Shaikh Amin
Priscilla- I think you picked the wrong day to photograph this steel structure. I would look for a clear day with a blue sky and shooting in the afternoon when the shadows falling on the steel and giving you a lot of options from a different angle to avoid bushes and trees. However, I like the composition with the blue sky behind with no distraction. Try again if you can and good luck.
Shaikh Amin   Posted: 11/24/2020 07:54:04

Shaikh Amin   Shaikh Amin
  Posted: 11/24/2020 07:54:16

John Larson   John Larson
My technical side wants to know what the structure does. I would like to see all of the structure. I think a clear blue sky would have more impact.   Posted: 11/26/2020 14:43:31