Allen Calopisis  

Backside of Waterfall by Allen Calopisis

June 2020 - Backside of Waterfall

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Taken at a state park In Ohio. This is the backside of a waterfall. The camera settings are 1 second shutter speed, at f/6.3, ISO 100. I used a 6 stop nd filter and a polarizer filter.

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Debbie Perez   Debbie Perez
Lovely! The delicateness of the water is beautiful. The only thing I might offer is the viewer's top left corner and down the side are so dark. Wonder if opening them up at bit might balance the photo a bit. There is also a small section of white that I can't decide if it is water or light. I tend to land on it rather than enjoying the beautiful flow of this photo.   Posted: 06/11/2020 08:09:35

Jesse Lobel   Jesse Lobel
Like the image. For some reason I sense the image needs to be rotated CCW, ever so slightly.   Posted: 06/11/2020 17:37:02

David Garrison
interesting perspective. My eye tends to wander to the shiny rock on the left and the fore ground. I like the falls smoothness. Maybe the shiny rock could be toned down and also the little white area next to it.   Posted: 06/18/2020 12:11:50

Priscilla Farrell   Priscilla Farrell
I like the view you have chosen. Most everyone shoots a waterfall straight on. I also like the milky appearance of the water. ND filter worked well; good choice. I agree with Debbie's comment regarding the edges of the image being too dark. But I like the light hitting the large rock at the bottom of the falls. I would clone out the little rock next to it. Interesting image.   Posted: 06/22/2020 15:30:35

Shaikh Amin   Shaikh Amin
Allen: You picked a beautiful choice of waterfall and angle. I do agree with Debbie's points and I would rather remove or darken the white spot on the left side as it serves no purpose. I would also reduce the yellow tint by using a blue filter on the whole image which will give you a pure smooth white waterfall. You will feel the difference! Let me know if you did feel the difference.
Shaikh Amin   Posted: 06/23/2020 05:01:36

Allen Calopisis
re-edited the photo incorporating your suggestions and it did improve the photo   Posted: 06/25/2020 20:19:36

John Larson   John Larson
I a definitely going to be purchasing neutral density filters to do more long exposure photographs. I think this could be enhanced by the use of HDR to bring out some of the rock details without increasing the bright spot.   Posted: 06/27/2020 13:26:03