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Brenda by Mo Connelly

October 2020 - Brenda

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From a documentary project on the Holy Dusters - volunteers in Salisbury Cathedral caring for the woodwork and the tombs. They are intended to be environmental portraits highlighting both the work of the volunteers and the beauty of Salisbury Cathedral. The work on the Holy Dusters are part of a much larger project. The image is more or less as taken with some cropping and cleaning and slight desaturation of the original. The main difficulty I had with this project was the difference in light levels in different parts of the Cathedral and the impossibility of using a tripod.

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Mark Southard   Mark Southard
Tells a most fascinating story ! Wish it could have been shot from a slightly higher vantage point to eliminate the bright windows.   Posted: 10/09/2020 13:36:41

Beverly Caine   Beverly Caine
(Groups 48 & 80)
Visiting from 48 & 80
Interesting image with an interesting story. I brought the image into photoshop and selected each window separately. Using image, adjustment, brightness, I toned down the brightness on the windows and then cropped out the large column on the right which I don't think added anything to the image. Overall, well done.   Posted: 10/11/2020 06:33:12
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Mo Connelly   Mo Connelly
Thank you - an interesting alternative for me to consider.   Posted: 10/19/2020 12:04:16

Marcus Miller   Marcus Miller
I like the way you've captured the intensity and concentration on the Volunteer's face as well as her gentle touch on the stone.   Posted: 10/20/2020 12:53:05


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