Marcus Miller  

Windmill by Marcus Miller

June 2020 - Windmill

About the Image(s)

I have working on creating high key images. This image was taken on an overcast day in moderate light. In LR and PS, the sky was turned white, the colours adjusted and a bit of dodging to lighten the wooden base.

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Mark Southard   Mark Southard
Interesting capture of a windmill way past its prime. I think it needs something of a background ........   Posted: 06/08/2020 15:33:16
Marcus Miller   Marcus Miller
This image is a part of a 3 image triptych.   Posted: 06/23/2020 17:07:03
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Marcus Miller   Marcus Miller
  Posted: 06/23/2020 17:07:15
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Snehendu Kar   Snehendu Kar
I like your idea of focusing on the top/wheel -it emphasizes the central area of attraction. The perspective and composition of the image are its strong points. However the bright white sky demands attention and dominates the scene. Perhaps a light blue or gray sky is one option.   Posted: 06/24/2020 04:57:39
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Jianfu Pan   Jianfu Pan
I like the original one and the full view.   Posted: 06/25/2020 12:19:58

Alastair Cochrane   Alastair Cochrane
An interesting idea as is the triptych. As a stand alone image it could do with a background perhaps but works fine with the other two.   Posted: 06/25/2020 13:39:51

N. Sukumar   N. Sukumar
I like the texture in the vanes of the windmill, but find the white background too overpowering. Such a stark white background works better in a B&W image.   Posted: 06/26/2020 03:17:50