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Mole - interior and exterior by N. Sukumar

October 2019 - Mole - interior and exterior

October 2019 - N. Sukumar

Original 1

October 2019 - N. Sukumar

Original 2

About the Image(s)

How do you simultaneously show both the interior and exterior spaces of a building? I have had some success at this with glass-fronted fa├žades. Here is my attempt with a building that did not afford this convenience. This is the Mole Antonelliana, an impressive 550 ft tall landmark building in Turin, Italy, built 1863-1889, believed to be the tallest museum in the world today (it now houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema). The first image was shot with Tamron 10-24 mm Lens @16 mm, Shutter Speed 1/80 sec, f/16, ISO:200. The interior consists of a huge atrium extending all the way to the steeple; the second image was shot from inside the all-glass elevator in motion (10-24 mm Lens @24 mm, Shutter Speed 0.8 sec, f/11, ISO:800). In CS5, I turned the interior image sideways, positioned the Mole, toned down the dark pulley, adjusted the vibrance, saturation, contrast and color balance of each image so as to complement and not clash with each other.


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