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Light Ray by Rich Sears

April 2021 - Light Ray

April 2021 - Rich Sears


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I recently captured this image at the Cincinnati Art Musuem's "Art Climb - a nine story high staircase leading up to the museum. This image was shot at 25 minutes after sunset. Processing involved burning and dodging and adjusting Luminance levels. Then cropped. The star effect came natural at f11, no starburst filter. Nikon D850, 24 - 70mm f2.8 lens, .7 sec., ISO 1000. Why 1000 ISO? Bracketing exposures by 3 stops, so wanted to save time.

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Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
Great time of the day to take this image. The starburst really makes this image. I would crop off the red light on the far left, as it is pulling my eye from the center of the image. Also, maybe clone out the red light in the distance.   Posted: 04/13/2021 10:51:12

Tony Tam   Tony Tam
Your cropping is really standing out your subject - the beautiful "Light Ray". From original image you might create another good scene photo with standing around red lights.   Posted: 04/21/2021 23:39:41
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