Les Tyler  

Specter by Les Tyler

November 2020 - Specter

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This is not a pretty capture but I did get what I was going for. I made this image at the Eastern State Prison in Philadelphia. It's an old prison that you can tour on your own for a fee ($2.00) more for a tripod. I did HDR in the camera using my Nikon D7000. I wanted to get a ghostly appearance by doing long exposures and having someone moving all around. There was a pair of sneaks that was showing at the bottom that I took out. Tweaked it in Lightroom and gave it that tone.

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Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
Your $2 fee was well spent. I really like all of the texture and cracks in the paint. A minor suggestion. I think that you should get rid of the fire alarm box. I draws my eye and makes the image look more modern than it should.   Posted: 11/12/2020 09:44:07
Grace Lee   Grace Lee
i rid off the fire alarm box:)   Posted: 11/24/2020 14:01:03

Rich Sears   Rich Sears
Challenging concept Les. I like your capture of decay and the blurry representation from having someone walking throughout your scene to help in portraying your story. I would recommend eliminating the electrical panel for a different reason than Tom. While my eye does not travel there first, the panel tries to pull my eye. Nicely done.   Posted: 11/22/2020 16:33:56

Grace Lee   Grace Lee
very interesting subject! well done!   Posted: 11/23/2020 15:54:52

Grace Lee   Grace Lee
i did more in detail, not sure if it's okay   Posted: 11/24/2020 13:59:28
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Paul McLaughlin   Paul McLaughlin
I liked the image from the start. It took me a second to see the ghostly image, I was captivated by the scene itself. I agree with Tom and Rich, I would get rid of the fire alarm box. In my mind, it just doesn't fit the time period or the image. I really like the results of your experimentation.   Posted: 11/27/2020 10:24:27

Barbara Mallon   Barbara Mallon
It was the up sign that grabbed me. Somehow that seems to fit the spooky feeling. Would I really like to go up? The stairs may give way. I like Grace's treatment. The high contrast grabs attention. Good seeing!   Posted: 11/30/2020 18:19:14