Paul McLaughlin  

Old Line Flag  by Paul McLaughlin

June 2020 - Old Line Flag

June 2020 - Paul McLaughlin

Original 1

June 2020 - Paul McLaughlin

Original 2

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I am fortunate to have access to a distillery and get the opportunity to wander around and take pictures several times a year. I spotted the flag, still, and chair and felt that it was worth a picture. I have been playing with it for quite some time now and decided I liked the image better without needing to squeeze in the still. I included the original and a transitional image as well.
Details: 1/60 of a second at f/5.6, focal length 22, standard Nikon 18-55 mm lens, ISO 1000

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Grace Lee   Grace Lee
I like your final vision, perfect cut and pictured. With ISO 1000, I may work on more noise reduction on the Wooden barrels.   Posted: 06/08/2020 02:58:12

Barbara Mallon   Barbara Mallon
Good cropping It does not quite balance. The barrels are too close to the left edge. I would add about the amount of vertical wall from the bottom right to the left side. You would have to increase that amount of blank space on the left to accommodate the inclusion. If you selected the strip of wall on the right, copied it, flipped it horizontally and dragged it to the left edge you could fix the tightness of the barrels.   Posted: 06/09/2020 13:30:32

Paul McLaughlin   Paul McLaughlin
I will try that and see if I can reduce the noise as well....thank you both.   Posted: 06/09/2020 14:26:00

Paul McLaughlin   Paul McLaughlin
I will try that and see if I can reduce the noise as well....thank you both.   Posted: 06/10/2020 08:23:36

Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
I like that you cropped off the still, as that would have made it have 2 main areas of interest. I think that your cropping should have been to leave 3 barrels on the left side. My quick edit does not have the good color and brightness that your image has, but it shows what I am suggesting for a crop. I used content aware fill to get rid of the electrical items at the top, and then a bit of cloning to get rid of the small area of the chair.   Posted: 06/13/2020 13:25:35
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Tony Tam   Tony Tam
Your cropping is too close to the edge on left side. I more like Tom's cropping. It is a uneven composition.   Posted: 06/19/2020 00:44:29