Tony Tam  

Ignitiion Reno Hot Air Baloon Race by Tony Tam

March 2020 - Ignitiion Reno Hot Air Baloon Race

March 2020 - Tony Tam

Original 1

March 2020 - Tony Tam

Original 2

March 2020 - Tony Tam

Original 3

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The Great Reno Balloon Race is the world’s largest free hot-air ballooning event in early September. Balloon Race has taken flight with up to 100 balloons each year. We can look up into the skies and see a rainbow of hot air balloons soaring about. The scene is very spectacular. The Balloon Race usually start early morning at 4 am and finished at 9am. I have been few times and very enjoy it.
This photo I took with Nikon D-90, lens 18-200mm at 30mm focus, f/9, 1/160.
I also attached couple of balloon photos for your reference.

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Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
Tony has another image that he wants to show you, so I am adding it with this comment.   Posted: 03/10/2020 14:15:28
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Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
All of the images are good, but to comment on the main image, you caught the action with the flame being pretty full, and your exposure shows the flame. I like the composition and being able to what is going on around the main balloon. One small thing that I see is the orange cone that is below the black area on the balloon. It attracts my eye and would be easy to get rid of.   Posted: 03/15/2020 13:16:18

Grace Lee   Grace Lee
I like all images, and like most the original 3, it catch my eyes and I like the color of photo. Perfect work!   Posted: 03/15/2020 15:29:36

Barbara Mallon   Barbara Mallon
What fun! I think the balloon and sky in the chosen image could be a bit darker for more impact. I especially like the night shot, photo 3. It as well as the added image have mood where as the one chosen has a more documentary feel. The five images tell a wonderful story. Well captured!   Posted: 03/19/2020 21:40:57

Les Tyler   Les Tyler
Thanks for sharing all these photos there all well done. I had an assignment years ago to cover a ballon race so I know you had fun doing it. I think there all excellent.   Posted: 03/20/2020 19:19:41

Paul McLaughlin   Paul McLaughlin
I like that you can feel the frenzy as the participants prepare the balloon. Really a great action photo. I love the colors and how the mans arm brings your eye into the main part of the balloon. If anything, I would get rid of the car in the bottom left quadrant, it doesn't add a thing.   Posted: 03/21/2020 10:51:03


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