Jean Armstrong  

Sunflower and Bee by Jean Armstrong

March 2020 - Sunflower and Bee

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Dick States   Dick States
Hi Jean, Welcome to our group, nice to have you join us. You certainly have a great subject here to shoot. Nice bright colors. This is your first close-up image and this can be more difficult than most people think. It actually seems the closer you get to a subject the harder it gets. I have shot hundreds of flower images and I feel its best most of the time to shoot a shot like this on an overcast day so you don't get such a contrast with the light. So many times on the shaded side the shadows are too dark and where the sun hits the colors can be blown out. Actually in this shot its not too bad. I would also recommend getting closer so you eliminate the sky. Maybe just show the center of the flower and just part of the petals. Great subject.   Posted: 03/15/2020 10:35:01

Janet DiMattia   Janet DiMattia
Hi, Jean.
Good capture of the sunflower and bee. The angle of the light brought out some nice detail in the petals. My suggestion might be to darken the area of the bee a little to make it more noticeable since the small bee is on such a large flower.
Welcome also, Jean. I am sure you will enjoy the group.
  Posted: 03/15/2020 15:03:01

Sandra Irwin   Sandra Irwin
Well, I'm glad not to any longer be the newest one to the group! Welcome! I think this is a great choice of a subject. However, if it's the flower, I want all of it. If it's the bee, I'd like to see it closer up because I can't really make it out. I'd follow Dick's suggestion to get closer up and cut out much of the flower and focus on the bee. Again, welcome and enjoy!
Dick -- have Tom and Stuart left us?   Posted: 03/22/2020 22:25:15
Dick States   Dick States
Yes they have went to Group 95 the new macro group. All the the macro/close-up groups are now just close-up groups. Group 95 is now the only macro group.   Posted: 03/23/2020 08:21:58
Stuart Ord   Stuart Ord
(Groups 64 & 95)
Yes, but you haven't got rid of us yet! (Well, me at least, I can't speak for Tom.) It's so nice to be able to browse and comment in DD, but I'll keep looking here as a priority. Do come and look at Group 95, and indeed the other close-up groups.   Posted: 03/23/2020 11:40:26

Salvador Atance   Salvador Atance
Wellcome Jean,
I like very much your colours and the yellow transparency of the petals of the flower. We use to explain the settings of our camera at shooting and the post processing when made.
As my friends told you the closes you were the better we could see the bee. Perhaps you were exausted to follow bees around the sunflowers field and decided to shot at that distance. Good to know, another thing to write when sending your picture.
I have tried to magnify the bug and it seems to me a common fly. What really is it?   Posted: 03/27/2020 11:47:35


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