Salvador Atance, PPSA  

Hazel-nuts by Salvador Atance, PPSA

October 2019 - Hazel-nuts

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4 shots with focus-rail, tripod and cable release.
Processed with Helicon Software.
ISO100, F22, 1/3sec. . Olympus E-M1 with lens macro 50mm F2.

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Janet DiMattia   Janet DiMattia
Hi, Salvador.
Interesting subject you chose and I like the arrangement of the Hazel nuts. Lots of sharp details in the leaves add to the attractiveness of the image.
I also think it calls for a slightly tighter crop to eliminate some of the white area all around. Maybe darken the subject a bit to bring out the shadow underneath.
Enjoyed looking at the image.
  Posted: 10/07/2019 19:10:08

Sandra Irwin   Sandra Irwin
Hey, Salvador!
Great, terrifically crisp photo. I've enjoyed studying the gradations in color and texture of the nuts and leaves in their various positions. I agree the shadow adds interest and could be darkened. I do feel, however, that the white background is a little stark. I wonder what a very, very light color -- as yellow/tan, perhaps -- would look like? If the photo were mine, I would play around with changing the background color and just look. Did you?   Posted: 10/14/2019 17:36:51

Stuart Ord   Stuart Ord
I love the textures and colours of this photo. The exposure is perfect for retaining shadow detail and the few bright highlights I find pleasing and wouldn't criticise.
Yes, perhaps a slight darkening of the background would be nice, but not too much for me! Darkening the shadows might be OK, but not by a general darkening or the nice shadow detail in the shells might be lost. A burn brush gently applied after masking the shells and nuts would probably work.
In terms of composition, I'd crop off three quarters of the white on the right to put the subject off-centre. Maybe a little off the front too, but that's centring it again, so maybe not. I used to be a big fan of cropping things very tightly, but actually it's not how we look at things in real life, we just concentrate on the centre with our brains. Sso I like a bit of space round the subject now usually, provided it doesn't introduce distractions.
  Posted: 10/15/2019 08:13:52

Tom Pickering   Tom Pickering
What an outstanding tableau you created and captured to share with us - very compelling and a delight to study.

I think the background being white is okay if there's not too much of it. The amount of white you have does tire the eyes in my opinion. I would suggest adding a touch of contrast to help the subject pop a bit more and cropping some of the background all around:   Posted: 10/15/2019 16:53:27
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