Nick Muskovac – Biography


Nick lives in Palm Harbor, Florida. He has been involved in photography for over 25 years. His work has been published in Popular Photography and Petersen’s PhotoGRAPHIC Magazines. Nick has also published several articles in the PSA Journal and contributed images for the PSA Journal cover. He is a member of the Suncoast Camera Club in Clearwater, Florida. He is also the past Chairman and presently the Webmaster for the PSA-Central Florida Chapter and has given several Electronic Imaging programs for its members.
Nick has been a member of PSA since 1992. He enjoys entering the PSA International Exhibitions. He has his 7th Galaxy in Color Slides and 6 Galaxies in Nature and recently received his MPSA. He has 2 Galaxies in EID and over 2000 acceptances in PSA International Exhibitions.
Nick introduced Electronic Imaging International Exhibitions in the USA in 2002.
Entry Forms and Images were sent ON-LINE via the Internet.
His Exhibition “SUNCOAST VIRTUAL” celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2011.
Nick’ new love is 3-D. Nick also has earned 3 Stars in 3-D and wrote an article
titled: “MAKING 3-D IMAGES”, which was published in the PSA Journal, May-2011 Issue. He has given numerous Programs on Electronic Imaging at the PSA Conference, including one on PAINTER.
Nick volunteers much of his time to PSA. He wears many hats in EID:
• Whos Who Director
• Star Ratings Director
• Creative Competition for Individuals Chairman
• Image of the year competition Chairman
Email him at for information on how to apply for EID STARS.

Besides Electronic Imaging, Nick likes to photograph nature out west, and also takes advantage of the many bird species in his home state. He is an experimenter and loves to do Creative Electronic Imaging. Nick says he enjoys this phase of “Painting With Light” in his Computer Darkroom. Nick has been doing Electronic Imaging on the Computer since 1994. He is a Photoshop user who started with PS2.5 and has worked his way up through all the upgrades to his present version Photoshop CS5. Nick also uses the Software Program PAINTER to express his artwork.
Nick is an equipment nut, and here is some of his Electronic Imaging stuff:
Cameras: Canon 40D, Canon Rebel T2i, Canon 20D converted to an Infrared Camera,
Computer: Dell 3.0GHZ Pentium 8 GB RAM; 1 TB Hard Drive; 24 inch LCD flat monitor.
Two external 500 GB hard drives. Printers: Epson R1900 Ink Jet; HP Laser Jet P1102w;
Dell 15” Laptop and Electronic Projector Mitsubishi XL5U used for his Electronic Imaging Exhibitions and Programs.