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It’s All About the Hair by Stephen Mayeux

September 2020 - It’s All About the Hair

September 2020 - Stephen Mayeux


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I took this image in the Texas Hill Country of my brother-in-law at his property near Dripping Springs. I’ve been wanting to submit a High Key image and his white hair and white tee shirt made this photo and ideal candidate for that style. Since the background was very dark it was easy to change the background to white. I thought it would look much better in B&W so I converted it in PS CC. I added a little selective texture and sharpened his eye then added a border to help frame the image. Nikon D2X with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens @ f/8 and 1/250 sec and ISO 200.

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Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Steven, I like everything about this image! The way you let your brother-in-law's hair fade into the white at the top of his head very nicely helped avoid distracting from his dark eyes. And, the decision to leave his watch as part of the photograph was a brilliant way to balance the composition. And finally, your choice of a subtle frame was perfect.

As much as I would like to be able to provide useful feedback, I can't find a single thing to suggest. Very well done!

  Posted: 09/01/2020 12:54:39

Mark Laussade   Mark Laussade
Excellent composition.You successfully achieved a high key look and the squint of the eyes reinforces the idea of a sunny day.I like the way the arm is resting on the lower frame edge, almost making it look as if it was coming out of the picture.   Posted: 09/10/2020 14:36:24

Nick Muskovac   Nick Muskovac
Steven, I think this image is outstanding and one of your better works. I might have made the frame slightly darker.   Posted: 09/12/2020 12:02:24

Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
Outstanding it is! I have always liked high key images and this one is right up there with the best. Adding the watch give the image a little fillip of interest as does his closed R eye. Great work Stephen.   Posted: 09/14/2020 05:00:53

Richard Siersma   Richard Siersma
Oustanding high-key image! Perfect subject for high-key and you have just enough separation between the white BG and the white hair, white shirt, light skin tone. There is still observable texture in the shirt and skin. Great job.   Posted: 09/14/2020 16:51:07


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