Stephen Mayeux  

Wula Master Drummer by Stephen Mayeux

June 2020 - Wula Master Drummer

June 2020 - Stephen Mayeux


About the Image(s)

The picture was taken during a Wula Drum and Dance Retreat in the Pocono Mountains in 2018. My post processing included adjustments in Camera Raw, luminosity adjustments to focus on the face and bone with increased saturation on the drum and some final sharpening.

Nikon D500 85 mm f/1.8 1/125 sec ISO 5000 EV +3

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Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
You did a good job Steve of getting rid of the white part but the bottom LH part, as in the original, could be brought out more. A good facial expression.   Posted: 06/02/2020 19:22:38

Richard Siersma   Richard Siersma
Nice shot and excellent post processing; getting rid of the blaring hot background was well done. I like the adjustments that you made on his face. Great job, it tells a story.   Posted: 06/03/2020 16:56:32

Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Stephen, I kept coming back to your image. Frankly, it's absolutely wonderful! I love the drummer's intense expression, the extraordinary drum and the power of the stick being used to strike the drum. The more I saw your image, the more I appreciated your post-processing. And, I couldn't resist trying to take it even further by playing with it a bit myself. I tried to emphasize the three components that particularly attracted me to the photograph.

Your thoughts?

  Posted: 06/11/2020 10:32:13
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Stephen Mayeux   Stephen Mayeux
I like the added light on his face, arm and drum.

Thanks. The stick is actually a bone.   Posted: 06/11/2020 11:11:29

Mark Laussade   Mark Laussade
Good concept and composition. Color is used very well. Good timing as well. You captured a critical moment. After looking at the original, I immediately came to a similar conclusion as Oliver. The increased exposure in certain areas is really helpful and focuses the attention where it needs to be.   Posted: 06/13/2020 12:32:28

Nick Muskovac   Nick Muskovac
First thing that I have to say about the image is that it is too dark. Getting rid of the bright lights was a good plan; The lighting that you added is very nice. I might have added a border.   Posted: 06/13/2020 16:22:07