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The Door to Beyond by David Cooke

October 2019 - The Door to Beyond

October 2019 - David Cooke


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This shot was taken in an Art Gallery in India. The Man was about to clean the glass in the door. I took several of him and worked on them unsuccessfully for a while. Sometime later, I remembered the blue showing through glass and thought it looked like the sky. I went back to the image and found it wasn't all as blue as I remembered it but I decided to work on it to portray him standing at a doorway where the outside was very different to the inside - beckoning him through to a brighter world.

After cropping the image to a square format, I straightened it up, used the Nik Cross processing filter and Viveza to adjust the lighting and cloned out some of the detail in the original. I then added two layers over the top, a sky layer and a peeling wall layer. The opacity of these was adjusted to give the effect I wanted. I then selected the man and the doorway together with some of the floor he was standing on from a previous layer and placed it on top of the texture layers . A layer mask was used to allow some of the texture layers to overlap the doorway.

I decided to replace the blue showing through the glass in the door with a bright orange sunset from another shot I took in India and I use a layer mask on that so that the orange sky showed only where the glass in the door was. Curve, brightness/ contrast, hue / saturation and selective colour layers were then used to adjust the image to look the way I wanted it to. Finally, it was sharpened using high pass filter.

Nikon D700, 70-300mm lens at 70mm, ISO 3200, f/14, 1/20sec

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Mark Laussade   Mark Laussade
First let me say that this a very creative use of the original image. It gives a strong impact of other worldliness. The central character has sort of a Norman Rockwell look to him. You did a great job illuminating him. His pose is perfect as he stares out into the distance. I like the use of complimentary colors for the 2 major spaces. The use of textures gives the foreground a very fantastical look while the background has a foreboding desert like appearance, giving a strong contrast between the two spaces.I have no worthwhile suggestions for improvement. This is a job well done!

  Posted: 10/02/2019 15:45:12

Richard Siersma   Richard Siersma
Another great image from the Master of Creativity! This image has inspired me to create something from some of my non-inspired images. If my mental image can be transformed into a digital image I might have it for next month's Digital Dialogue. Thanks David.   Posted: 10/03/2019 09:43:11

Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
Once again your image gives rise to all sorts of interpretation. The disjointed clouds gives one the feeling that not is all right out there. I am puzzled by the reflections in the step on which he is standing. A small point but I would rather the clouds did not overlap the door frame. David your images frequently give one something to think about and this is certainly one of them Excellent imagination!   Posted: 10/04/2019 07:21:46

Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Okay, I'm blown away again. Your imagination is inspiring. I certainly have nothing to suggest about your image... it's wonderful.

Since you sparked lots of creative thoughts, I took your original image to see if I could come up with another version. I "plagiarized" your idea of seeing something fascinating in the room, but used a small, bright light emanating from the left side of the room.

  Posted: 10/05/2019 17:43:42
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