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the Man on the Bus by David Cooke

April 2019 - the Man on the Bus

April 2019 - David Cooke


About the Image(s)

This image was taken from the passenger seat of our car in India. On looking at the image I had taken, I was fascinated by the man’s eye and the way he was looking so I decided to build the final image around that. The original (see thumbnail) was very cluttered and had clashing colours.

After cropping the section I wanted to use to a square format, I used ‘Transform’ to straighten everything up. I then used the Nik ‘Pro-Contrast’ and ‘Viveza’ filters to adjust the light in the image, and I converted the background to monochrome. I then brought the colour back slightly by reducing the opacity of the monochrome layer.

NIK ‘Polaroid Transfer’ filter was then used, followed by reducing the saturation before applying the ‘midnight’ filter. A layer mask was used to bring back parts of the image, particularly the man’s face.

The rest of the manipulation consisted of various layers to adjust the lighting to darken down parts of the image which were still distracting attention from the man’s face and eye. Finally ‘high-pass’ filter was use to sharpen just the man’s eye.

Nikon D700, 70 ½“ 300 mm Nikkor lens at f/4.5, ISO 1000, 1/1000sec

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Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
David, I certainly agree about the man's eye being fascinating. The fact that I can't see his other eye makes your photograph captivating. I also like the square format for this image since the train window seems to "fit" this format so well.

Two small things that bother me a bit. First, I find that the greenish color makes me think of mold.... which isn't a pleasant thought. That's probably a personal bias, but I want to mention it anyway. :)

The other thing that I find a bit distracting is his wrist. Since it's neither the brightness of his face nor the darker color of the background it seems odd to me.

As I mentioned, these are very small nits on a remarkable photograph. Well done!
  Posted: 04/03/2019 14:25:30

Terri Adcock
This image has a very strong pull and feel about it. I am totally drawn into the mans face and eye and left wondering about his "story"

I do find the darkening tinge a little distracting. I wonder if a dark grey or black would work/fit better

I also would be tempted to crop the image at the window frame to the right of the visible eye. The area beyond the frame is quite light and is distracting. We know what it is because we can see the original image (Jacket?) but I wonder if a tighter crop would draw you in even further   Posted: 04/03/2019 16:23:35

Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
The mystery of such a small part of his face is intriguing without the 'before' image I would have thought him to be in a forest of green leaves. I'm not sure that the other panel of the bus window adds to the image. Showing only one eye contributes to the mystique. As with most of your images this tends to tell a story or encourage one to think beyond it. Nicely done. David!   Posted: 04/04/2019 14:56:31

Nick Muskovac   Nick Muskovac
Showing only the face and one eye is intriguing. Since you usually square crop, I would have cropped square and eliminated the partial window on the right. Re the person sitting in front of the main subject; I would have made their head all black.   Posted: 04/11/2019 13:56:25


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