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Young Lady’s portrait by Phil Zolla

July 2018 - Young Lady’s portrait

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My sons won a singing competition with their local church group in CT so the regional competition was in Hershey, PA. In between acts they had a lunch break so I decided to pull out the camera and do some portraits of my kids but this little girl wanted a picture too so we all went outside to find a backdrop and this is what I found.. So adorable.. I forgot my flash at home but there was enough light to shine on her face..

Canon 7D

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Nick Muskovac   Nick Muskovac
You have good lighting on the child's face. The white object to the right of her head is disturbing; I can see where it would be difficult to clone out; however, changing its color to tan or something close to earth-tone might help. I might also crop a little off the left side.   Posted: 07/05/2018 21:27:22

Richard Siersma   Richard Siersma
Outstanding portrait of this young girl! Great depth of field, the lighting is wonderful, and the eyes are sharp. The only negative things are the white post behind the little girl's head and the lack of a catch light in the girl's left eye. Very well done; I don't think the flash would have made this any better.   Posted: 07/05/2018 21:32:15

Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Phil, this is a charming portrait! After reading Nick and Richard's comments I decided to try to incorporate them and see the result. Frankly, I did it a bit too quickly so it's not as "polished" as I'd like... but it gives the general idea.

I think your original is outstanding. I'm eager to hear your thoughts on this one....

  Posted: 07/06/2018 13:09:59
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Phil Zolla   Phil Zolla
I did make a version of this in Lightroom with the crop tighter but I wanted to see more of the walls detail

6 year old with a lot of spunk.. :)
  Posted: 07/06/2018 14:44:15
Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
Yes PhIl the wall detail is interesting but too much is OOF to be of importance   Posted: 07/06/2018 15:02:12

Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
Phil this is outstanding. A flash would have been over the top. Oliver has indeed made the girl stand out more by cropping the LH side and the white vertical line has been diminished--pity it can't be more. I understand your taking this, had you asked this lovely child to move she probably would not have done so and too become all shy and you would not have got the pic. Sometimes you have to take the opportunity that presents itself and damn the consequences.
It's charming Phil!   Posted: 07/06/2018 13:35:46

John Yurchak   John Yurchak
You have chosen the elements for the photo to make a great portrait of the youo0ng lady. as other mention the white line to the right of the face bother me and I would have taken the time to get rid of it in Photoshop, it is very time consuming to do as I have done it before with either healing brush or clone tool and zoom in to this area to get it done.   Posted: 07/18/2018 16:20:47