Nick Muskovac, FPSA, MPSA  

MY PET FROG by Nick Muskovac, FPSA, MPSA

April 2018 - MY PET FROG

April 2018 - Nick Muskovac, FPSA, MPSA


About the Image(s)

Picture of frog was taken in my front yard. Frog was perched on a leaf and it was just a little over one inch long. I am attaching a photo of the original frog on a leaf. Placed him on alpha channel and colored it green. The hand is my own hand. Made a copy of the layer; Used Filter Zoom blur on the layer copy and placed it on top. The final composition was made using layer mask.

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Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Nick, you have the most wonderful composites, and this is one of my favorites. Your choice of the green rays of light was masterful and your hand makes the perfect "anchor" to the image.

At first the fact that the rays of light don't emanate directly from the frog bothered me. However, I think that they would hide too much of your hand if they extended that far. Thus, I really don't have anything constructive that I can add.

Nicely done.
  Posted: 04/02/2018 11:05:41

Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
Such a good image; at first the green on the hand bothered me and perhaps some of it could be changed so that it didn't extend too far over the hand, but it is a good image Nick either way.   Posted: 04/08/2018 09:59:28

Richard Siersma   Richard Siersma
Nick, I like your creativity. Flipping the frog's direction of travel was a good choice as well as changing the color of the eyes. I do find, however, that the light rays are over powering and should be a little more subtle. There are some hot spots on your hand that could use some toning down too. You are really good at putting these composites together so perhaps you could add some shadows around the frog for a little more reality. Overall, a very eye catching image, good job.   Posted: 04/15/2018 16:41:16

John Yurchak   John Yurchak
Your composites seem to be very well done for me. I am just bothered by the outside green area to be just too bright for my taste, otherwise well done   Posted: 04/21/2018 16:07:39