Richard Siersma

Richard Siersma

I have been interested in photography virtually all of my life, joining my father and older brother in their love of all things related to cameras when I was a small child.

In my 20ís, I was able to obtain a position as a studio photographer, but after a few years I had to find a better paying job to support my family. At that time, I embarked upon a career in information technology and communications with the U.S.Navy, retiring after 25 years of service.

I enjoy taking photos of all types of subjects, but my current interest is in Macro Photography which allows me to use my lenses, filters and tubes to discover normally unseen features of the natural world. My current cameras are the Nikon D500 and the D810.

I have been retired for a couple of years now and fortunately we have moved to a community that actively supports my three major interests: photography, pottery, and wood working. Moving to Sun City and joining the Photography Club enabled me to devote the desired amount of time to my pursuit of mastering the art of photography.

Rick Siersma