John Yurchak, APSA

John Yurchak, APSA

I started in photography in 1957 with 3 very dear friends that gave me much encouragement to start. They were Richard Biddle who is now deceased, Paul Maloney who was the sports photographer and writer for the Greeley Tribune newspaper, and Ken Hikida who own Kens Camera in Greeley without their help I would not have stayed in photography.

I joined PSA in 1973 and I have being doing B/W photography in my own darkroom and as well as all kind of slide work, but the main interested I started with was Nature photography in which I entered many Salons to earn 2 Stars as a nature Exhibitor.

Now I am still doing darkroom work in PSA Pictorial Study Group in B/W as well as a Nature Slide Study Group and I belong High Country Camera Club in Colorado. I do make prints with the computer for this camera club and do slide work as well in all types, Glassware, Black Light, Close up, Nature and use of Litho with color slides. I still use film for my digital work using a Canon EOS 10s and Canon Elan 7e for all my work.

I use either Provia 100 or Sensia 100 Slide film or TRI X for my B/W work. I then scan the film with my Minolta Dimage Scan Dual Slide film at 2438 dpi and then export to Photoshop 7 for all my manipulations for my prints, I use the Epson 1280 printer for my prints for my camera club usually 11 X 17 prints. I usually do not go to the 13 X 19 that are available for the 1280 printer.

I am just a beginner for any manipulations of the image and just do mostly straight prints or some modification to the print. I will need all the help that this group can give me.