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Pears by LuAnn Thatcher

February 2021 - Pears

February 2021 - LuAnn Thatcher


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My image this month is a still life of three pears. I am just learning to do still life and find this to be a perfect year to stay indoors and figure this out.

The camera is a Fuji XT4, Fuji 80mm macro lens, ISO 160, aperture f/16, shutter 1/250s. The table is a cutting board with a neutral gray painted wall for the background.

I used a Godox speedlight in a Rapid Box 2' x 3' softbox set at 90 degrees next to the board. I processed in Topaz Studio 2, Topaz DeNoise, and Capture One Pro 21.

I look forward to your comments; be gentle, please, this is my second still life and they are not exactly easy to do.

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Angela Bonner   Angela Bonner
(Group 81)
Love the colour palette you have given this image. All lovely and sharp. Well done.
Now where did I put those pears!!!!   Posted: 02/02/2021 10:12:54
LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
Hello Angela,

Thank you for visiting Group 3 and for your kind comment! Doing Still Life photography is a fascinating genre, and I am glad I have time now to work on it.

Best regards,

LuAnn   Posted: 02/02/2021 10:51:37

Mary Ann Carrasco   Mary Ann Carrasco
This photo is very beautiful. It looks like a painting. You have captured the lighting, the textures and the colors. Very nice.   Posted: 02/02/2021 16:22:26
LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
Thank you, Mary Ann, I appreciate your comments!

LT   Posted: 02/03/2021 08:56:07

Michael Hrankowski   Michael Hrankowski
LuAnn, I love your still-life! The background effect was a perfect color and texture choice to compliment the reds and browns of the pears and cutting board. I like that you didn't reach for a different pear when you discovered it had an internal blemish - I like how photography can show there can be beauty in decay. The detail of leaving the drop of pear juice on the cutting board was also a nice touch. The lighting with the flash worked well and it would be interesting to compare the same composition done with light painting. I've seen several examples of still-lives from other Digital Group members done with that technique to nice effect. I'm eager to try the technique myself.   Posted: 02/03/2021 13:54:04
LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
Hi Michael,

Thanks for your comments! You know, that drop of pear and juice on the cutting board was not planned; I found it thereafter I took the photo-a lucky shot, I guess.

I am finding light-painting to be a great activity during the cold weather and having to stay indoors. I just bought a couple of light painting tools from Harold Ross; great idea, Michael, thanks for the reminder. Have you seen Harold's work online? He has a nice wand and elbow attachment for a small LED flashlight. The quality of the light it produces is beautiful, so I have to give it a try.

Right now, I am continuing to work on still life projects. I am taking PSA's Still Life course online, and it is fun. The other project I am working on is dark field photography-this one I have to figure out before I can move onto light painting.

It is so nice to be busy!

Best regards,
LuAnn   Posted: 02/03/2021 14:05:16

Arief Rahardjo
(Group 33)
The reason I give comment was because your image trap my eyes to see more. Excellent final image. Nice detail, color and composition.   Posted: 02/05/2021 23:06:59
LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
Thank you very much, Arief, for visiting group 3 and for your comment on my photo! I am glad you like it.

Best regards,

LuAnn Thatcher   Posted: 02/06/2021 05:28:16

Kieu-Hanh Vu   Kieu-Hanh Vu
Your setting for the image is natural and beautiful! The slice of pear opens the door for viewers to learn more about its texture and seed. The angle you shot with layers of the cutting board is also intriguing. I'd prefer to lighten the background a bit to make the pears stand out more.   Posted: 02/13/2021 06:13:13
LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
Thanks for your comment, Kieu-Hanh.

LT   Posted: 02/20/2021 14:21:35

Ruth Sprain   Ruth Sprain
The arrangement of your still life pears works well for me. The subtle colors give the image an antique, oil painted look. I like the texture and sharpness that you added to the finished photo. The hint of green in the background contrasts nicely with the reddish hue of the pears. Overall, your image appears dark, so the mood is a bit gloomy. Is this what you intended?   Posted: 02/19/2021 11:43:59
LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
Hello Ruth,

Thank you for your comments on my pear still life. To answer your question, yes, I love dark and moody photography! I could lighten it up a bit but dark and moody is my style of choice.

Best regards,
LuAnn   Posted: 02/19/2021 16:47:59

Randolph Shine   Randolph Shine
I hope the class leader gives you an A for this photo.
Have you thought of making it look like an old painting. It would make a great vintage type painting.   Posted: 02/20/2021 16:15:57
LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher

Thank you very much for your kind words! That is what I was going for.

Have a great day,
LT   Posted: 02/20/2021 16:17:59

Lisa Cirincione   Lisa Cirincione
Great painting! Amazing texturing... nice job   Posted: 02/28/2021 18:52:17
LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
Thanks, Lisa, for your comment. I am really seeing a lot more people add textures to photographs lately. The more we do the better we get at using textures.

Best regards,

LT   Posted: 02/28/2021 19:02:02
LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
Thanks, Lisa, for your comment. I am really seeing a lot more people add textures to photographs lately. The more we do the better we get at using textures.

Best regards,

LT   Posted: 02/28/2021 19:02:03