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Marcie A by Martin Newland, QPSA

April 2021 - Marcie A

April 2021 - Martin Newland, QPSA


April 2021 - Martin Newland, QPSA

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I have photographed Marcie, the streetwalker, before.
Marcie has become my "go to" model (if I can find her) when I want someone with a "swarthy" face.

On this occasion, she explained she was wearing the "hoodie" because she was evading the police and didn't want to be recognised. Apparently she had failed to attend a couple of court appearances and there was a warrant out for her arrest.
She needed money and agreed to our usual modelling fee of $20.

This photo was taken alongside a nearby cycle track. Marcie stood in front of a leafy bush with the sun behind her and the bush. Because of the hurried nature of the shot, I didn't realise the extent of the lens flair until afterwards. I liked the image and so I have persevered to recover it.

Marcie has since vanished, so I can't retake it.

I have included the Monochrome version as well

Dehaze in Lightroom helped a lot to remove the white caste over the entire image. I then cloned out the lens flair in the bottom right corner in Photoshop. The image has been sharpened in Topaz Sharpened AI, a few stray hairs have been removed, the bruise on her neck from a heroin shot has been removed and a few bright spots have gone.

Camera: Canon 5D Mk4, 1/100 sec, f/4.0, ISO 100
Lens: Canon EF 24 - 105 f/4 IS USM at 105mm

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Jim Wulpi   Jim Wulpi
I can't help but feel that the BW treatnent of this image seems to be a better fit for Marcie. The color image presented appears to bring out more detail in the skin that are not "flattering" to her. The BW version treats the skin differently, coupled with the black hood, to create more of a mood of mystique.   Posted: 04/01/2021 21:47:42

Jaqueline Whalen   Jaqueline Whalen
The eyes here are what captures me. I think I like the color version best but it seems to saturated to me. I would take out some of the color but just not all of it. It is almost as if she is about to say something and I like that. It makes me want to continue the conversation with her.   Posted: 04/02/2021 07:48:14

Karen Botvin   Karen Botvin
What a great story! Sorry she's disappeared. I love the B&W version best. I think her hard life on the street is much more dynamic in B&W. I like the harder tones that you chose for the B&W as well. Great shot, especially if it was a hurried one!   Posted: 04/02/2021 11:47:30

Piers Blackett   Piers Blackett
To me the eyes make the image and color shows them best, so I vote color. Also I think the red hair is part of her ancestral, but sad story. The background is good but I think could be blurred some more. Martin, you have a superb gift to bring out character in portraits.   Posted: 04/03/2021 13:57:05

Shirley Pohlman   Shirley Pohlman
Martin, what a dramatic shot. All three can tell a story of her progression with the original 2 being a happier one. I believe your intention of bringing out the details in her face does what you intended--the dark side effect! Her eyes are beautiful. I would print original 2 for her. Make it small so she can carry it. She would be proud to have it!   Posted: 04/10/2021 17:17:28
Martin Newland   Martin Newland
Thanks Shirley. I have a set of prints for her from the whole photoshoot we did that day. They are in the glovebox of my car in the hope that I might come across her.
However, the word out on the street is that she has moved interstate with a member of the Nomads Motorcycle gang to avoid the police and certain jail time.
A rather tragic case.   Posted: 04/10/2021 21:26:44

Julie Deer   Julie Deer
(Group 40)
Hi Martin,
What a great portrait this is! There are many stories that come to mind as I look at Marcie. What a shame that you have 'lost' her, but I do hope she finds some form of happiness. I'm not sure which image I prefer most. They all have something different about them and I like each of them for different reasons. As Piers said, you sure do bring out the character in your portraits!   Posted: 04/18/2021 17:56:29


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