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Stuck on Pink - 2 by Shirley Pohlman

October 2019 - Stuck on Pink - 2

October 2019 - Shirley Pohlman


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This pipervine swallowtail goes with my image from last month of the humming bird who had interrupted my shooting the butterflies. Nikon D610, 200-500 lens at 500mm, f/5.6, 1/2500 second, ISO 800, aperture mode in continuous autofocus, tripod mounted. It was edited in Lightroom to adjust the green luminance and saturation, the bright leaf, sensor dust, vignette, cropping. I added a border in Photoshop.

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Jamie Federick   Jamie Federick
(Group 48)
Fantastic image. Love your sharpness in all the details. This is a winner for sure.   Posted: 10/01/2019 14:58:33

Rick Finney   Rick Finney
(Group 15)
Dear Shirley: I agree with Jamie's comments! The white stroke and green frame really sets off the subject. The mild vignette is just right. **Rick**   Posted: 10/01/2019 16:22:35

Beautiful! I like the lines that take you straight to the butterfly. Also - I really like how clean the background is. Very, very nice.   Posted: 10/05/2019 13:16:25

Brenda Monahan   Brenda Monahan
This is a gorgeous image, Shirley! Clean, crisp...the frame makes the shot perfect.   Posted: 10/05/2019 13:48:59

Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
(Groups 35 & 52)
In my opinon your choice of settings for this capture was spot on! This must have been in side light, maybe coming from the left? I like the way it puts just a little bit of rim light on the top of the butterfly's wing. Compositionally, I see several soft diagonal lines that converge to bring my eye to the head of the butterfly - and it is happily tack sharp. The color palette speaks to me - my favorite combination of hues because I find them so calming and peaceful. In my opinion you have framed this up well. I think it is definitely wall-worthy.   Posted: 10/06/2019 11:37:25

Harry M. Stuart   Harry M. Stuart
Beautifully taken, Shirley. The bokeh is perfect and the image tack sharp. Well composed - no improvement necessary.
  Posted: 10/07/2019 18:11:30

This is a beautiful image. I love the bokeh, and the pink thistle against the green background works well as opposites on the color wheel. The butterfly is perfectly positioned in the image (great rule of thirds). The only thing I might have done is very slightly darken the butterfly's body and the top of the wings. But it definitely is a winning image.   Posted: 10/07/2019 23:14:20

Piers Blackett   Piers Blackett
Spectacular! Thanks for the great lesson in technique and approach to a difficult subject.   Posted: 10/09/2019 10:50:35

Hung Phan   Hung Phan
No comments needed .A nice picture.May I enhance your image a little bit.   Posted: 10/16/2019 22:46:51
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