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Irises in Spring by Piers Blackett

August 2019 - Irises in Spring

August 2019 - Piers Blackett


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My neighbor's irises sprout flowers in spring with an ancient Cyprus in the background. It was shot at 1/30, f/22 zoomed in to 140 mm in the early morning. The composition appeared too tight so I re-framed with content aware in Photoshop.

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Laurie Meriwether   Laurie Meriwether
The light is really pretty on these flowers. I also love the colors. I would try to remove the brown on the left hand side.   Posted: 08/04/2019 10:36:26

Piers Blackett   Piers Blackett
Thanks. I worked on it before the reverse crop (content aware). Piers   Posted: 08/04/2019 14:02:38
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Brenda Monahan   Brenda Monahan
These are gorgeous. I like how the light is hitting the flowers and that there is a random purple iris amongst the yellow ones. I was so drawn to the flowers that I didn't notice the brown Laurie mentions until I read her comment. But once I saw it, it was there. I like the edit you posted to her comment.   Posted: 08/05/2019 08:03:54

Very nice and almost like a watercolor portrait. I like the balance and flow with the two largest blooms above the others. If only the brown goes green and keeps some detail, that would be cool. Great image!   Posted: 08/05/2019 19:57:53

Shirley Pohlman   Shirley Pohlman
I believe the bright yellow against the green really makes the image pop, along with the surprise of the purple flower. I like the line of the two closed blossoms leading to the larger ones, along with the by-the-way here are some more that balance the left side. Lovely.   Posted: 08/19/2019 17:44:42
Piers Blackett   Piers Blackett
Thanks Shirley....I'll print it for my neighbor!   Posted: 08/19/2019 22:17:02

Hung Phan   Hung Phan
The purple flower makes balance the picture,and enhance the composition.You have a nice picture with amazing color.   Posted: 08/19/2019 22:18:50

Harry M. Stuart   Harry M. Stuart
The yellow flowers really stand out well in the front of the green background. And I like the inclusion of the purple flower - makes for a nice diversion for what would have been just a yellow and green image.   Posted: 08/20/2019 08:17:30

Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
(Groups 20 & 64)
Your decision to add space on the right was critical to the balance of this composition. Excellent!
I had the opportunity to photograph a number of iris gardens this year as well as a major iris show, so I am well aware of the editing you probably did so well to open the shadows and possibly to avoid blown highlights.
Now, you have the opportunity to make a nice digital painting with it.   Posted: 08/21/2019 08:48:33

Piers Blackett   Piers Blackett
Thanks for your comments Jerry; I explored Stylise in Photoshop then went to Topaz and came up with the attached, but there were several options - thanks for the idea to make a digital painting. Piers   Posted: 08/21/2019 15:25:13
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Shirley Pohlman   Shirley Pohlman
Piers, I love the new look.   Posted: 08/29/2019 13:32:04