Laurie Meriwether  

Mt. Nebo by Laurie Meriwether

August 2019 - Mt. Nebo

August 2019 - Laurie Meriwether


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This was taken on a walk at the community park in Levan, Utah. I was limited by shrubs and a fence from getting a better perspective, but I hope this one works.

42mm; ISO 100; 1/320 sec at f / 8.0; July 6, 2019;

Edits: Exposure -0.44; Contrast +4; Highlights -35; Shadows +31; Whites +21; Blacks -26;;Texture +8; Dehaze +11; Vibrance +1; Saturation -1

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Shirley Pohlman   Shirley Pohlman
Laurie, I like how you have the wheel cropped in the corner that leads me into the rest of the image to the mountain and beautiful clouds. To me the image appears to be very sharp all the way through and lovely calming colors for a summer day. My first glance did not catch all the detail of the different layers of the scene--love that.   Posted: 08/03/2019 12:51:07

Piers Blackett   Piers Blackett
Very nice image... I like the way some of the lines on the sprinkler wheels lead to Mt Nebo. For me the sky and clouds are quite bright; so I would play with the graduated filter using the exposure clarity and dehaze sliders. A circular polarizer might have been helpful. Piers   Posted: 08/04/2019 14:27:21

Piers Blackett   Piers Blackett
I take that did do some of that in your description and the result is close to optimal.....did you try the graduated filter?   Posted: 08/04/2019 14:31:04
Laurie Meriwether   Laurie Meriwether
Piers - here's the sky toned down just a bit. I think it's better, thanks!   Posted: 08/04/2019 14:56:27
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Brenda Monahan   Brenda Monahan
I see some great lines in this image, from the wheels on the sprinkler to the water coming from the sprinkler. Very nice!   Posted: 08/05/2019 08:15:01

Bob Glennan   Bob Glennan
I could picture myself sitting there focused on the clouds moving in the distance. I like the edits and the sky toned down a bit works for me too. F/8 worked very well here. Nice Image!   Posted: 08/05/2019 20:18:56


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