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November 2020 - The Moment

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I visited Singapore Quarry last Sunday (10/17/2020) again and waited for a few hours to get in flight shot of Stork-billed Kingfisher. Fortunately, I got the fishing shot in the water. On the other hand, it was very difficult to control the harsh light reflected on the surface of water.

Gear: Body_Sony A9, Lens_Sony G Lens 200-600@404 mm, f/7.1, Shutter speed 1/3200s. iso 3200.

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Angela Bonner   Angela Bonner
(Group 81)
Well worth the long wait, well done as hard image to get. Not seen one of these Kingfishers before our UK ones are quite different!!   Posted: 11/01/2020 16:03:18
Than Sint   Than Sint
Thank you, Ms.Angela.   Posted: 11/21/2020 19:40:25

Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
(Groups 4 & 58 & 72)
Than, nature photography as fishing requires lost of patience and skills. You were rewarded. The King Fisher looks small in the broad background represented by the water, but it tell the story of the whole sequence from splashing and catching the fish. Well done.   Posted: 11/01/2020 18:04:30
Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
(Groups 4 & 58 & 72)
There is another kingfisher image in group 52 by Mike Cohen   Posted: 11/02/2020 10:57:02
Than Sint   Than Sint
Thank you for your motivation to me. I will try my level best in future.   Posted: 11/21/2020 19:41:45

Neal R. Thompson, M.D.   Neal R. Thompson, M.D.
Great subject. Good color. The kingfisher is a bit too far away to get a good detail.   Posted: 11/05/2020 18:12:35

Sharon Moir   Sharon Moir
I had never heard of a stork-billed kingfisher. Obviously a beautiful bird and it must have taken a lot of patience for the shot. However, he gets kind of lost in all the water droplets.
  Posted: 11/10/2020 13:31:51

Sol Blechman   Sol Blechman
What a beauty and technically so very well done.Do you think the zoom was all the way out? I also wonder if you set the camera on auto focus? Amazing that one small bird made all those bubbles.   Posted: 11/16/2020 15:32:33

David Robb   David Robb
Patience pays off! Excellent image Then. Hard to plan for these shots as they happen so fast. Take lots of shots, my motto anyway.   Posted: 11/18/2020 15:34:24

Joey Johnson   Joey Johnson
Wow! You have some amazing birds over your way. I love all the water action. It gives the feel of what went in to catching that fish. While the bird itself isn't as close as we sometimes like, the overall image give the feel of the action and that is an accomplishment.   Posted: 11/24/2020 17:15:16

Dennis Hirning   Dennis Hirning
That was a good catch, both for you and the bird. Did you shoot in a burst? I wonder what other ones in the sequence might have looked like. It definitely has the fish but I am wondering if he might not have been hidden as much in the water drops just a little after this was taken.   Posted: 11/24/2020 22:42:03