Than Sint, QPSA  

Stork billed kingfisher in Singapore by Than Sint, QPSA

October 2020 - Stork billed kingfisher in Singapore

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I went to Singapore Quarry on 4th September and took photos of a popular Kingfisher with its diving, fishing and flying patterns. Please view its portrait image.
Gear: Body - Sony A9, Lens - Sony G lens 200-600@ 600 mm, f/7.1, 1,2000, iso 5000.

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Neal R. Thompson, M.D.   Neal R. Thompson, M.D.
Interesting bird, colorful also. I'd crop some off the right side and darken the bright spots in the upper left. The bird is sharp, colorful and interesting.   Posted: 10/04/2020 15:08:53

Joey Johnson   Joey Johnson
Cool bird! You got all of the bird in focus while keeping the background blurred and simple. I agree with Neal about cropping a little more from the right. I know we are suppose to give animals somewhere to go in the frame, but this guy doesn't need that much. I must say that in your part of the world there are some amazing birds.   Posted: 10/15/2020 14:15:29

Sharon Moir   Sharon Moir
Good picture. Love the color. I would crop some is all.   Posted: 10/17/2020 10:38:52

David Robb   David Robb
I like the photo and composition. Very colorful and contrasting to the Kingfishers found around here.   Posted: 10/19/2020 19:02:48

Dennis Hirning   Dennis Hirning
I like the rim lighting on the bird. I probably would agree to crop off the right side enough to eliminate the lighter spots. You might also add a slight dark vignette to keep the viewer's eye where it belongs. Very nice.   Posted: 10/19/2020 19:30:25


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